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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Appointment with transplant surgeon!

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Great news! We have an appointment with our transplant surgeon this Friday at UCSF! Well, actually it’s Kelly’s appointment, I am just excited to go. Hopefully, we will then get a surgery date. =)


Hurry Up & Wait

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Not much new has happened in the transplant process. The surgeon, Dr. Roberts, is out of the country until July 4 and they won’t give us an appointment date with him (which, at that appointment we will receive a transplant date…) until he gets back. It’s kind of dumb if you ask me.

In other news, Coleman gave me a recap last night of my hospital stay. I don’t remember barely any of it (especially talking to people, my brother said I was talking about rainbow unicorns haha). Apparently, people called me while I was there. I don’t remember that… I just found a card for a doctor that I swear I’ve never met but Coleman said he treated me while I was there. The drugs they give you are crazy and I think because of the state of my liver, I don’t detox them as well.

So, if I talked to you in the hospital and I said something crazy, I’m sorry! It was the drugs talking.

(2 years ago when I had the same drug, fentanyl, I had hallucinations of big foot).

Crazy Day

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Well, I was released from the hospital yesterday. Yay for that good news. The bad news is that I was diagnosed with colitis. They took biopsies and will get back to me to let me know if it is bacterial or autoimmune. Two years ago, when I had general anesthesia I had horrible side-effects to fentanyl, well the same thing happened this time in the hospital. I have hallucinations and extreme dry mouth for days. I’m sorry if this post is a bit here and there, I am feeling a bit out of it.

I have been doing ok, just extremely exhausted. I was able to get up and do some stuff today, but let me tell you it was with regret. After 4 days of dilaudid I am still feeling the after effects. Tonight my sister Kristin went into false labor, so I somehow drove myself down to see the birth of my new niece, bella grace. That’s not going to happen now… But hopefully in the next 24 hour hours!

In other news, a year ago my mom had a hip replacement. Recently, my mom had a few really bad falls. It looks like she broke the socket and will most likely need another hip replacement. So with a ready to pop sister (measuring at 42-43 weeks), a hurt mom and a girl quite disconcerted by being in the hospital for a few days .. things are a bit crazy here!

The good news? God is good. ALL the time!

I am thankful for doctors that have the knowledge to do liver transplant.
I am thankful for the miracle of birth and the soon to be addition of another niece!
I am thankful that my mom is somehow able to still get around, even with a broken hip socket.
I am thankful that my sister qualified as my living donor.
I am thankful for my wonderful fiance who spent every minute by my side in the hospital, squeezed in the tiny bed with me just to watch some tv.
I am thankful for my sweet nephews.
Cute nephew story:
As my pregnant sister, Kristin, was leaving for the hospital to have bella (or so she thought), Micah yells “wait! you forgot something” and he ran to grab a little purple dress for his new little sister to wear home from the hospital. (He is only 4).

Maybe If I Click My Heels Together…

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I want to go home, I want to go home! I am alone in the hopsital today. My mom is babysitting, coleman had to leave early this morning for work (he slept here again on the couch) and yeah so I’m really bored and my pain is having a few fits again. Hopefully the doctors will come by soon and let me know what they saw on my bioposy they took yesterday and then they can discharge me. My head needs a few days of fresh air to clear from all the wacky meds! haha

Oh the joys of the hospital

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After being admitted last night I talked to the G.I Doctor that is going to do my surgery in the morning (scope procedure). Coleman and I had a fun night last night even though it was in the hospital. They woke me up at 7am, of course like all hospitals.

The scope procedure happened a little after 9am. Thankfully I do not remember anything even though it was conscious sedation. In the procedure they took a biopsy because they’re not sure what is causing the inflammation of the colon. They didn’t find any ulcers or cancer in the colon but they are doing the biopsy to see if the inflammation is from a virus or bacteria. For some silly reason even though they have done crazy amounts of test and jumped through all of the hoops, they still won’t let me eat (only a liquid diet).

So hopefully one more night in the hospital and I will be able to go home!!

Hospital Admission

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Yuck. Hospitals are no fun, especially when you are all alone and nobody comes to see you (yeah sorry for the pity party). Thankfully coleman has been here all day and last night. He has been so wonderful and is such a thoughtful, great caretaker. After an inconclusive ultrasound this morning, I had a CT scan with IV contrast this afternoon. Those are always fun… ok not really, it feels like hot lava spiders are racing around inside your veins. It’s creepy. The CT scan showed some thickening of my GI tract. In order to know what this is, the are going to do some kind of scope procedure tomorrow. Until then… I just got admitted to the 4th floor at Kaiser. Coleman went to grab me some miso soup because I’m on clear liquids. Miso = probiotics = my friends. This is not quite how I had planned on spending colemans day off, we were going to go to pinecrest and have a picnic. Guess I betterr put my God googles on to see what I can learn from this difficult journey!

ER Visit

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I’m sitting here at Kaiser hospital emergency room, I’ve been under observation for the last 24 hours. Yesterday I had the most severe pain I’ve ever experienced. A bunch of the doctors can’t figure out what the problem is. I just want to eat! I’ve been NPO since last night. I really want to to know why I’m getting so sick. I guess we will just have to wait a bit … update later =)