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Maybe If I Click My Heels Together…

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I want to go home, I want to go home! I am alone in the hopsital today. My mom is babysitting, coleman had to leave early this morning for work (he slept here again on the couch) and yeah so I’m really bored and my pain is having a few fits again. Hopefully the doctors will come by soon and let me know what they saw on my bioposy they took yesterday and then they can discharge me. My head needs a few days of fresh air to clear from all the wacky meds! haha


About Kortni

I received a living donor liver transplant from my amazing and selfless sister, when it failed, I got a 2nd transplant 4 days later from my other hero! I have an amazing family and wonderful, supportive boyfriend. I love hiking, photography, natural health care, being outdoors and crafts. Did I mention that Jesus is my best friend and He has blessed me immeasurably!

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