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Another kidney infection

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I have another kidney infection. I have a fever and my back hurts so bad! My doctor said that if I get any worse, it’s off to ER, again… I could use your prayers that it would just disappear and that the pain would dissipate.

The good news is that I was able to spend 3 wonderful, exhausting days with Coleman. We went to the lake and spent the day on the boat and spent a day making a really fun, fancy dinner for my parents 30th anniversary. It’s so nice to be able to feel somewhat good and to do normal things and it’s also really good for our relationship as it is hard to loose sight of what normal looks like! I can’t wait til normal is the norm! haha

Circumstances don’t make you, they reveal you!


About Kortni

I received a living donor liver transplant from my amazing and selfless sister, when it failed, I got a 2nd transplant 4 days later from my other hero! I have an amazing family and wonderful, supportive boyfriend. I love hiking, photography, natural health care, being outdoors and crafts. Did I mention that Jesus is my best friend and He has blessed me immeasurably!

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  1. I love you sweetie!


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