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We have a new appointment with our surgeons. This coming Thursday! We will meet with both of our surgeons. I have so many questions!! And that should finalize our August 12 surgery date too. It’s all happened so fast. Which is good because I keep going in and out of the hospital and well if I am in I would rather be in getting a new liver! Less than a month! Yay!! Everyday I have to wrap my head around the gift that my sister is giving me…. I mean it’s so huge!

“The dying, the cripple, the mental, the unwanted, the unloved– they are Jesus in disguise.” -Mother Teresa


About Kortni

I received a living donor liver transplant from my amazing and selfless sister, when it failed, I got a 2nd transplant 4 days later from my other hero! I have an amazing family and wonderful, supportive boyfriend. I love hiking, photography, natural health care, being outdoors and crafts. Did I mention that Jesus is my best friend and He has blessed me immeasurably!

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