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Sorry I have not been able to update, there has been A LOT going on.

I posted a couple days ago they were having complications with the artery. They finally got done with her surgery at 12:45am on Saturday morning. She was in surgery for almost 16 hours. The Dr. came into Kelly’s room where we’d all been gathered and spoke to us. He was pretty upset. Because of the artery problem, they called in Plastic Surgeons and they spent HOURS trying to make this artery in the liver, work for her. The Doctor told me that they started sewing the liver together around 2:00pm and he said from from then until they closed her up is how long they were dealing/messing with the artery. He said that the artery inside the liver wasn’t getting enough blood through it and it kept shutting down. They put a doppler inside the artery with a probe from it coming out of her, that would tell them how well the flow was thru the artery. Unfortunately about 5:30 Saturday morning the flow had stopped. The liver has to be getting blood from the artery. The solution to this problem is to now put her on the list for a new liver…..from a cadaver. Some of the rules according to UNOS (I believe) are: she has to remain in ICU, her INR needed to be above 2.5 and her was 2.9 at the end of the night and it has to be 24 hrs post surgery before she could be added to the list. So they had to wait till 12:46am and take all the blood results. She meets all of those, so the wait is now on for a new liver.

I let her sleep until about 11am today and kept coming to check on her and she was asleep. Then I walked in and she was out of the bed and sitting in a chair and eating normal food. (WOW!!! I was like what the heck is she doing). She is doing amazing and moving around.

Please continue to pray for her, her sister and family. Pray for a liver to show up and be amazing. The doctors are making sure they get an awesome liver and they said they are going to be very picky with it. She is a great blood type and now that she is top priority she is number 1 on the list in this region (California, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Mexico).

Thanks for all the prayers and all the comment! I will update again soon.



About Kortni

I received a living donor liver transplant from my amazing and selfless sister, when it failed, I got a 2nd transplant 4 days later from my other hero! I have an amazing family and wonderful, supportive boyfriend. I love hiking, photography, natural health care, being outdoors and crafts. Did I mention that Jesus is my best friend and He has blessed me immeasurably!

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  1. I will be praying for Kortni and her whole family.

  2. Prayers for Kortni to receive a new liver ASAP !!!

  3. Hey Coleman…….All of my prayers tonight to Kortni that she gets a “blue ribbon” liver as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Coleman thank you so much for updating us. We will continue to pray for Kortni! She is a great person!

  5. Sending prayers and positive thoughts for a new liver to arrive very soon!

  6. Hey Coleman! Lots of people praying in Rome!! God is listening!! Love ya!

    • God sure has been listening to a lot of people, He answered prayer after prayer and miracle after miracle! He has been so good to me… thank you soo much for all the prayers!!!

  7. Hello Kortni – Joe LaPera is my very best friend in the world, and i have been there with him since his journey started. I wish you the very best and will pray that you will get your new liver as soon as possible…..

  8. Continuing lots of prayers for all of you !

  9. a prayer for Kortni. keep strong and positive!

  10. All the best 🙂

  11. Continued prayers for all of you.

  12. Hi Kortni,

    Like so many others, I’ve landed on your blog in my search for understanding Autoimmune Hepatitis. I have to say, I laughed out loud at the name of your blog…my blog is called “LiverWorst…spreading the word about AIH.” Gotta love a good sense of humor, eh? I was diagnosed just a few weeks ago and am three weeks away from my wedding. Yes, life is all about the balance…

    You and Kelly are in my prayers–your light is so bright that I know that love surrounds you.



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