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Day 2 of Surgery 2

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Sorry I haven’t updated in 2 days. So the 2nd surgery went well and they took her into ICU. That morning she woke up and was in a good bit of pain. The 2nd surgery she says multiply the pain level immensely as she still hasn’t got her pain under control. They came in and gave her an ultrasound to make sure the veins and arteries were working well, they were very happy with the results. Her breathing was great but she was getting a cough. She drank A LOT of water the day of surgery because of the severe side affect from the pain killer (Daludid) as it caused her severe cotton mouth. The next day they actually put her on water restriction and she could only have soup, jello and pudding. She says it was more of a sodium restriction. By the way I am sitting here at 10:17pm on August 18, 2011 and she is telling what to write as she falls asleep and wakes back up. She hardly got any sleep maybe 2-3 hours. They also did a picc line so they wouldn’t have to poke her multiple times when she finally got a room (her veins are HORRIBLE and SO PAINFUL!!!!). They start around the bicep and its goes through the vein up the arm and connects right above the heart. To make sure they had proper placement they used an ultrasound machine to be able to find the vein they want and then did a chest X-ray to make sure they got the proper placement. Oh and she has had a low hematocrit (Blood Level) of 21-27 so they have been giving her blood and plasma transfusions.

KELLY WENT HOME!!!! She was one happy liver giver.

Day 3
She woke up at 3am then woke back up at 5am to “shower time” she got a sponge bath. Oh yea we are STILL in ICU they have no beds for her to move into. They switched her to a different ICU room and told her it would be easier and we got stuck in a smaller room. So now after 7 days in ICU we just want a room. They have been looking for a private room on the 9 long floor and they are renovating so there are 3-4 rooms that are not in use. There was a guy next to us that waited 48 hours and finally got on the floor around 4:00-5:00pm. Then she got to see her PT (Physical Therapist) and she got up and walked like 3x the amount she was suppose to. She was only suppose to walk a little bit but there was a window, where her old room was, that showed the golden gate bridge so she said she was determined to get over there and see it. SHE DID GREAT!!! She got back to the bed and was exhausted. We have been working on getting out of the bed and sitting in a chair then going back into the bed multiple times during the day. Her hematocrit was/is 25 today and they stopped doing blood transfusions this morning around 5:00-10:00am . It is now 11:03pm on 8/18/11 and she is sleeping on me so I will try to update again HOPEFULLY tomorrow. We are also STILL in ICU.

Please pray that we are able to get a room fast and that her breathing and hematocrit (blood level) increases. Thank You all so much I don’t know how I can really express my appreciation to everyone. Kortni wants to update tomorrow with some of the amazing things God has done, she is just too tired tonight. πŸ˜‰ She says the steroids are keeping her up at night.


About Kortni

I received a living donor liver transplant from my amazing and selfless sister, when it failed, I got a 2nd transplant 4 days later from my other hero! I have an amazing family and wonderful, supportive boyfriend. I love hiking, photography, natural health care, being outdoors and crafts. Did I mention that Jesus is my best friend and He has blessed me immeasurably!

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  1. I am so happy that Kortni received her blessing and got her liver! I had my liver transplant 1/12/11. I’m also walking living proof God does miracles. I can relate to all you have wrote. I feel like I’m with you each step of the way. It is painful. I had a pic line thank goodness for that. I looked like someone had tried to strangle me to death. I was bruised from the bottom of my skull to bottom of my calves. We have pics from when I came out of surgery until I went home. Kortni you will notice too you will change colors about 30 times! Each day you will get pinker and pinker! Yeah!!!!! Those steroids are NASTY! Trust me all the weird stuff you are feeling and thinking are the steriods. It gets better! It sounds like you are doing fabulous. I was so wore out one day after being up many, I asked them to give me something to sleep. I got a benedryl and was happy to have it. I finally slept. I’m here for you . I’ve been in your shoes. Would love to keep in touch. Jo Bean is my friend. She knows how to contact me. Lots of people have been praying for you. I know you can feel it. This is your start of a second chance. May you be blessed and know it’s all in Gods hands and he will not let you down. He carries me everyday. Much love and prayers to you and your family…..Linda

    • I totally understand the bruising! What a nightmare. I horrified the phlebotomist today showing them my arms, telling them that a UCSF anesthesiologist did this to me (black and purple from top to bottom). I am getting pinker, and skinnier! Lost 21 pounds since transplant and have even more fluid to go! Jo bean is awesome. Thank you so much for your comment and your prayers, I really appreciate you reaching out!

  2. Hey Brave Girl,

    It’s so good to see your post and know what’s happening with you (thank you Coleman!).

    We are sending you lots of love and peace and light.

    Rest. Heal.


  3. Thank you so much for the update! This may sound silly since we don’t know each other but I have been so worried. I have been going to the Chopped liver site several times a day to check on your status. I think i am waking up in the middle of the night to check as well because i woke up this morning on the fb site and posted a bunch of letters (?) trying to figure out how to delete. Please know i was just thinking about you. I am not a crazy stalker. I think all liver transplant patients share a bond even if we don’t know each other personally. You keep getting stronger and stronger! I will continue to pray for your improved health, new life and a ROOM! Much love my new liver sister! – Cyndi Scarr

    • That’s not silly, that is incredibly sweet! I don’t think you are a stalker. Thank you for the prayers and I sure got the best room… I got one of like 3 renovated rooms on the entire floor. It had like a 52″ tv and was super nice! It was worth the wait, God knew that though. Thank you for your sweet comments!

  4. Eric Waterbury

    Great to hear!!

  5. Coleman, thank you for the update. We are all still hanging in there with you guys. Sorry to hear about the struggles and extra pain, but she just pushes right along, doesn’t she. Amazing gal.

  6. This is great news!! Because of her young age it sounds like Kortni will be a fast healer which is good. The pain will be there for some time due to the two surgeries. No lifting or straining or the incisions could open and drain. Also, the prednisone cause shakiness, horrible mood swings and insominia – the nurses and docs don’t like to share these side effects but I’ve yet to met a patient taking pred post transplant who has not felt the same. They will probably rest5rich her sodium for a while and then get her back on more solid food… they want the new liver to adapt with being overworked. So glad Kelly got to go home too! You’re doing a great job as a caregiver Coleman – keep us posted. Call me anytime if you have ANY questions!
    Be well,

    • I would have to agree with that… I told Coleman, the first surgery was like a broken toe and coming out of the 2nd surgery was like shattering every bone in my body, it was THAT different. The pain was almost unbearable. And I didn’t sleep for days and days because of the pred. My sodium is still a little low. And isn’t he the best caregiver in the world! I am so soo blessed! Thank you Rex for all your support, you have been great, truly!

  7. janelle Wadiak

    Kortni I’m so happy things are going well for you! We are praying for you!

    Love Janelle and Nick

    • Thank you!! It’s been an insane journey but I am so grateful and thankful to have a healthy liver now! It’s so amazing to me to have such two amazing people give such selfless gifts, it humbles me every time I think about it!

  8. I’m so happy everything went well. I am praying for a fast recovery for you Kortni. Love you! Kimberly

  9. I worked with Coleman’s mom at Berry a few years ago but I wanted to tell a funny story about steroids…

    My dad got a new liver on Xmas eve 2006…so naturally, I brought a mini Xmas tree to his room. My hubs and I flew to New Mexico two days after his surgery and all night I got random pictures of things around his hospital room, including the tree. This was his first camera phone, he didn’t know how to text, but he was so bored and so awake from the steroids he learned how to work his phone. Haha

    Just a side note: since you’re writing this to help others…when my dad switched off Prograf to Rapamune it onset arthritis. They put him on Prograf initially bc Rapamune slows wound healing (obviously not good when you have a Mercedes emblem on your chest) but Prograf taxes your kidneys. He convinced them to put him back on Prograf but they told him the first time they saw any issues with his kidneys he’d have to deal with the arthritis.

    And God really is amazing! My dad had insane levels of ammonia in his system (he took a laxative type medication to control it) and fluctuated, like you between the transplant cut off MELD score of 15 and a 17. But he has AB blood so he lucked out in the rare blood type bc he was the only one in GA. He retained water (the 30 lbs in 2 weeks), had it drained off and lost that plus more…that was the sickest he ever looked. After his surgery, he was in the hospital 3 days (they predicted 10 days to 2 weeks)…he could go back to work part time in 6-8 weeks and full time after 3 months…he was back to work, full time, in 6 weeks. His annual blood work and tests get better and better every year. This was def our Christmas miracle πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Praying for a quick, speedy, uncomplicated recovery for you and your sis.

    • Oh wow, that is so good to know about prograf! Maybe that is how I ended up with a kidney infection and back at UCSF today! I had high ammonia and tested positive for encelapathy only the night before transplant!I have lost 20 pounds since surgery and have more fluid to go… that is amazing he got better so fast, that is a miracle!! Thank you for your prayers and your story, that is amazing! And isn’t Laura the best!! I just love love love her!

  10. I totally agree with everything the other transplant peeps have shared. I had hallucinationsat night from the steroids. I KNEW people were in my room, hovering me, etc. I also had pic lines coming out of my neck, and the detest mouth on the planet. I was on total fluid restriction as my kidneys failed and I was blowing up like a balloon and the only thing I could think of is “this is how they treat prisoners with water restriction!”. It is all crazy and we all go through our unique journey but there are similarities to the experience that we all share and can relate to. You are now part of a very unique club. Welcome to the other side……. You are now one of an elite few survivors…….. Xoxoxox. Hang in there honey and rest, enjoy every breath……

    • I feel part of a unique club, that’s for sure! Especially going through 2 transplants in a matter of days. What a whirlwind! I am enjoying every bit of it, especially the healthy part! Thanks for your comment!


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