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Tonight is my tenth night in the hospital! Wow. Time has flown by and gone by so slow at the same time. They are hoping to send me home tomorrow. Today was a really rough day gain for me. I was just having a lot of small issues… heartburn, my bruised arm hurts so bad they have to take my blood praessure on my calf (can’t use the other arm because of the the PICC line). My blood pressure was running pretty high today, 190/68 and 4 hours later it was 185/79. They put me on only oral dilaudid today, no more IV painkillers for me, to see if I can make it without the IVS so they can hopefully send me home tomorrow. I have been struggling today with just being sad, overwhelmed, frustrated… so many emotions. There are so many new things going on and my head is just spinning. I have only walked 1 lap today, yesterday I walked 7! I did have a bright spot in my day when a really good friend that I had met online came to meet me for the first time. She donated her liver to her niece 2 years ago and Dr. Roberts and Dr. Ascher were their surgeons too. She has been talking to Kelly and I for the last few months, helping us to prepare for what to expect, etc. She met Kelly last week but I was in surgery getting my 2nd transplant when she came last week so I didn’t get to meet her, so she came back… bearing gifts! She lives near my favorite castle/vineyard in the world, castello di amorosa in Napa! Coleman and I went there two years ago and he tasted wine and I had their fresh squeezed grape juice and chocolates! She brought me more of that amazing fresh pressed grape juice. Coleman reminded me today that I have expensive tastes hahaah.. This puts Welch’s grape juice to shame though! Anyways, it was so wonderful to spend the afternoon with her, her super sweet husband Dana and her really mature, cute 15 year old son Adam. They are such a cute family, Coleman and I are going to go spend a weekend in Napa and hang out with them when I am feeling better! It is exciting to be able to make NORMAL life plans. That is one really positive aspect. There is NOTHING holding me back anymore! I have a new happy liver!!! Ahhh praise God! He is soo good to me!

I hope I can get some sleep tonight, see my old liver tomorrow (pathology will be sending it up hahaha) and then GO HOME! Oh, I will get a shirt for walking 12 laps, 1 mile, around the transplant floor. I am on 10 laps now so that just means 2 more tomorrow and I get a t-shirt! Fun, fun!


About Kortni

I received a living donor liver transplant from my amazing and selfless sister, when it failed, I got a 2nd transplant 4 days later from my other hero! I have an amazing family and wonderful, supportive boyfriend. I love hiking, photography, natural health care, being outdoors and crafts. Did I mention that Jesus is my best friend and He has blessed me immeasurably!

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  1. Poor Baby. I am guessing that sad days will come and go. But with your great attitude and you sweet Coleman, this too shall pass. You are making real progress so keep up the good work. I can hardly wait till your up to a visit at home. Please let me know when the time is right. We have lots to discusss when u are ready. Stay strong and remember, God is right beside you and has a marvelous plan for you. Just take his hand and he will guide you, especially when it is rough. Hugs and prayers.

  2. lillian hegarty

    well hi there to you both,just think it can only get better and your on the right path,walk before you can run is just what your doing,take it easy both of you all the good things are still to come,Lot’s of gentle hugs lol from Lillian, UK

  3. Kortni, I don’t need to tell you to hang tough, because you do that in spades. The emotional roller coaster is going to suck, but is understandable. I’m so amazed at how you’ve recovered and it blows my mind that you could be going home today! Home! With a new liver! What a miracle. I’m anxious to see what wondrous things God has in store for you.

    • Aww that is so sweet of you! Everyone seems to think I am thing super strong girl but I just feel like I am doing what I do… just getting by the best I know how and I guess that is to always to try and be positive. It has been a total miracle, every single day God has given me a new miracle, especially two gifts, my sister AND my amazing donor. So selfless they both are! Thank you for your comment =)

  4. Kortni, wow you get to go home so soon. Praise God! I can’t even begin to understand the emotions you are having, but I can understand that you are excited to make plans to do something with out wondering if you’ll end up in the ER before or while your gone. I have a friend who had a transplant, and she’s had days where she is emotionally overwhelmed. I’m continuing to pray for you, Coelman, and Kelly. Thanking God for the miracle you are and the beautiful loved ones he’s put in your life. Keep on hanging on to God, none of what we go through is a surprise to Him, and he’s already got it all covered. Big Hugs to you.



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