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First Clinic Appointment @ UCSF and Kelly’s 2nd appointment

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I had my blood drawn on Monday. Might I add that it was done quite brutally… my arms is hurting today from the sharp, fast pokes. Monday night my mom, Coleman and I spent the night at Kelly’s to be a little closer to UCSF for our early morning Tuesday clinic appointment. I was out of my normal element so I totally forgot to take my anti-rejection meds monday night! I woke Coleman up at 4am to help me get out of bed (my first night out of a chair and in a real bed! Granted I had a million pillows) and he remembered about my meds! Well, earlier that night my lab results became available online at kaisers website. My TAC level, which is the level of my anti-rejection med prograf, in my body. I need to be at a certain level… if there is too much prograf in my body, it would be toxic and if there is not enough then I could go into organ rejection. Organ rejection is most common in the first 3 months post transplant! Yikes. And my last 2 TAC levels (prograf) have been too low. They have increased my prograf (which gives me numb lips and hands and makes me shake like a leaf) both times I’ve had blood draws.

So, back to my story! At 4am Tuesday when we realized I missed my Monday 9pm dose of meds, I freaked out because my TAC level was borderline close to the rejection side of things. They didn’t tell me what to do before hand if I missed a dose so I called the 24 hour hotline to talk to the surgeon on call. It was my surgeon, Dr. Roberts who happened to be on call, he called me back in like 1 minute. I love it! He told me to increase my prograf to 5mg twice per day (9am and 9pm) and to take them and just skip my next 9am dose and resume as normal with my Tuesday night 9pm dose. I felt kind of silly for calling.

By the time everything was sorted out it was 5am and we had to leave Kelly’s at 6am to get to UCSF in time for our clinic appointments (both Kelly and I had appointments). So we didn’t get much sleep.

I saw the sweetest transplant fellow at my appointment, Dr. Jennifer. She asked her boss and they didn’t want to remove my staples… so I have them for another week! Thankfully they aren’t bothering me too much. She told me the reason was that they don’t want my wound to “dehiss” and basically in english have my guts fall out. Greeeat. I told her that was a great way to get their patients to stop asking for their staples out, she told me it was actually really nasty if it happened. So I was content with that answer, geez…

Everything else looked good. She was amazed at how great I look. I have lost 24 pounds since surgery. Now only if I could find some clothes that fit me… Woohoo! Now I just need to add some muscle and keep that weight off, granted most of it was water weight. She was super impressed with how good and clean my incision looks, said it is one of the best she has seen. Laying back on that doctor table though was not exactly fun… my stomach muscles, well they played twister with them and then decided to shred them up some and put it all back together, twice. So laying back is not exactly possibly.

Kelly was feeling nauseous for a few days so they took her for an ultrasound and x-ray. Poor thing, they made her go to all kinds of awful positions, I don’t know how she did it! The tests came back clear though and they gave her some meds that helped her! Both hers and my labs look great. We are both healing as expected, bumps here and there but that is the new life of transplant and recovery. I can’t wait until things slow down in a few months. And then yet again, I wake up early tomorrow morning to go get blood drawn. I can see this will get old fast. I am just so thankful that this crazy schedule is only for a month or two!

Yesterday, I overdid it and I have done nothing today trying to recover. I woke up at 4am, had an 8:30am doctor appointment that probably happened sometime after 9. Then after Kelly spent the morning getting tested, I took Coleman shopping for his birthday in San Francisco. Then we all went back to Kelly’s house for the day, my mom went home. I then took Coleman out to dinner for his birthday, which is today, so…


╚══`.¸.You CP!

And then we finally drove home. It was SUCH a long day and I couldn’t fall asleep until 2am, 22 hours after I woke up Tuesday morning! Whew. No wonder I have sat all day today. And up again tomorrow bright and early to go see my favorite blood stealing vampires! =D

Psalms 107:1-6
GIVE thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His mercy and loving-kindness endure forever!
Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom He has delivered from the hand of the adversary,
And gathered them out of the lands, from the east and from the west, from the north and from the [Red] Sea in the south.
Some wandered in the wilderness in a solitary desert track; they found no city for habitation.
Hungry and thirsty, they fainted; their lives were near to being extinguished.
Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and He delivered them out of their distresses.


About Kortni

I received a living donor liver transplant from my amazing and selfless sister, when it failed, I got a 2nd transplant 4 days later from my other hero! I have an amazing family and wonderful, supportive boyfriend. I love hiking, photography, natural health care, being outdoors and crafts. Did I mention that Jesus is my best friend and He has blessed me immeasurably!

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  1. Valerie Bullock

    Again, you are such an inspiration and truly help us ordinary folks put things into perspective. With all you’ve been through, all you’re recovering from, the difficulties while recouperating, you still have the energy and wherewithall to go shopping and out to dinner. Wow.

    And poor, Kelly being all pretzel twisted for the xrays. You girls deserve a week long spa retreat when you’re all healed up and can resume life normally again.

    I picture you being like one of those plastic dolls that, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t straighten out all the way. Sounds funny even though it’s not, but I know you see the humor in everything so thought you’d appreciate my visual of you on the examining table.

    Stay sweet, stay strong, and no rejection in Jesus’ name. Amen

    • Bahahhaha! That totally made me laugh! Oh no, noooo laughter lol… ouch. No but really, thanks for that, that is exactly how it was. She had to lift the table all the way up and even then I needed help leaning back… and thank you! Like I just told another friend, it is a whirlwind and it is so insane with all the appointments, side-effects and complications but then I remember how good I feel or I look in the mirror and see white eyes instead of yellow… and I remember the gift God has given me and it all becomes worth it!


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