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Goodbye Stitches! Hello… scorpion?? Hmm…

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My mom, who is a RN, took my stitches out for me Sunday! It kind of hurt, who would’ve guessed. Well, it was still infected so I guess it’s not a huge shocker. Now… as it is healing… my scar looks like a scorpion! Can you believe that. I feel like I was given a tattoo I didn’t want. I hope as it heals it will clear up.

The (not so) funny part is that my bedroom has a scorpion problem. No other room in the house gets the little buggers but my room (which is also 20 degrees colder than the rest of the house). I’ve been stung two separate times and I found one in my bed! Now my scar looks like one (everyone agreed that it does). Funny life joke? I think not!

Now, in the last 5 months, I have 7 new scars! One big transplant incision scar, a JP drainage scar, a central line scar on my neck (yes, a giant IV), a scar on my back from an unknown source that I woke up with after my transplant, 2 scars on my back from biopsies and a biopsy scar on my stomach.  I am a ROCK SCAR! It’s ok, they each one tells a story of perseverance. I hope that anyone reading this that has a scar and doesn’t like it is reminded that it is a story of them overcoming something. It is a part of who you are and who you have become. It makes you that much more beautiful.



Slice and Dice

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Today, somehow, I don’t quite understand where the time went but… I AM 5 MONTHS POST TRANSPLANT! It blows my mind. I still feel like it was yesterday. Probably because recovery is taking forever and I’m so tired. I just have to keep reminding myself that I had TWO transplants and almost died, it can take a while to come back from that. It is so frustrating though and I feel like people expect more from me. Not that it matters, or it shouldn’t matter to me, all that matters is what God thinks and I know He is proud of my progress.

Today I went back to the hospital. I had a surgery appointment. If you remember last month I had 4 moles removed and 3 of them came back as suspicious and they wanted more surrounding tissue removed. Well they sure accomplished the more part! They went about 3/4 inch deep. I have a total of 14 stitches for the 3 removal spots. It has been a really rough day. I waited an hour and the procedure took an hour and that room was so cold I was shaking like a leaf! I guess this is part of the post transplant life. But I’m really thankful that I have doctors to take care of me and that make life livable with all the crazy side affects caused by my medications. I am pretty sore right now as the local anesthesia is wearing off. On top of having yet another cold, my body is pretty tired.

I have good news! My really good friend KC is moving to CA and is coming to stay with me for a week next week! I can’t wait, so much to do and see!

Oh!! I almost forgot the awesome news! Kelly’s scar developed another pus pocket so finally her plastic surgeon agreed the best thing to do is to put her under, cut out the bad scar and sew her back up, nice and clean! I’m so excited for my sister!

Oh I’ve also started taking biotin and b vitamins to help with the hair loss that my medications have caused. The hair loss and fatigue/slow recovery are the hardest part of the entire transplant process for me. I know that sounds crazy but I guess I’m impatient. I have also starting juicing again! I love juicing vegetables. My favorite is beets, carrots, apple, ginger and cucumber. It’s so good. Even my 5 year old nephew likes it. If you’ve never tried juicing you should try it, it’s so good for you and really increases your energy!! I have an Omega juicer and I love it.

Another exciting thing… Today is Thursday. Thursday are epic life (college group I go to). If your looking to be encouraged you can watch online tonight at 7:30.

Here is a picture of me and Kelly and some of my delicious juice!

Have a great week!