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Monthly Archives: September 2016

5 Years! Mrs Carl, RN

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It has been a long time since I have posted but thought I would give a little update. I have been so blessed these last 5 years. My first year post transplant was a rough year as I recovered from 2 back to back liver transplants. I parted ways with my ex fiance and went back to school to finish my pre-requisite classes for nursing. God opened the doors for me to get into nursing school on my first attempt ( which is unheard of for nursing school! Most people wait years to get in.) During that time I reunited with my college sweetheart of 2 years that I hadn’t talked to in years. That spark was still there and he was as handsome as ever and just like a hallmark movie, we reconnected and fell in love all over again.  I even discovered an old love note he had written me saying that one day he would make me Mrs. Kortni Carl. He is the most incredible man in the world. As for nursing school, it was a challenging and rewarding experience where I was blessed with lifelong friends. I have always loved school! After my first year of nursing school my sweet man got down on one knee with the waves crashing, the cool ocean breeze met by the warmth of the fireplace in our ocean front hotel room in Monterey. I said of course and started planning our wedding right away! I couldn’t wait to start my happily ever after and we got married last summer, August 1, in the middle of nursing school! Everyone thought I was crazy for planning a wedding and going to school but I enjoyed it. I graduated nursing school last December with a 3.8GPA, lifelong friends and a love for nursing.  Life has been a wonderful adventure the last 5 years.  I am so blessed with a healthy liver, a great job at a Christian based hospital as a RN, a wonderful husband and 2 of the cutest dogs in the world! Our next journey will be children, but for now we are enjoying this blessed life of ours.