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What To Pack To The Hospital for Transplant

What to pack:

-Underwear (shopping spree my friends!)
-Socks with the slip proof bottoms (you can find certain fuzzy socks that are hospital friendly)
-PJ pants/shorts
-T-shirts (I just bought some guys undershirt tees from wal-mart)
-Soft blanket/quilt
-Pillow (don’t bring your best pillowcase, bring 2 not so nice pillowcases)
-Eye Cover (important)
-Throw Away Ear Plugs (important)

-Blanket & Pillow for whoever stays in room with you
-Hair ties & Clips
-Toothbrush (Looking back, I actually just preferred to use theirs, because I could throw it away every time and not worry about it)
-Toothpaste (floss pickers)
-Body Soap
-Anti-bacterial lotion ( is the best for hospital stays, kills 99.5% of germs, including MRSA, doesn’t dry out hands)
-Chapstick- …your lips will get very dry (lizard lips is great brand, natural and tasty, buy @ health food store)
-Clorox Wipes, keep that room clean and germ free! Wipe your call button, tv remote, bathroom, etc etc…
-Shampoo (I’m bringing dry shampoo to keep my hair from getting greasy as well as regular shampoo)
-Hot Water Bottle
-Dirty clothes bag (we used a pillowcase)

-Room decorations/family pictures/something from home
-Note pad and pencil (ng tube still in? want to take notes about meds?)
-I-pod & headphones (you can ask if your surgeon will let you wear yours in surgery, mine is fine with it, I’ve read a lot about how listening to calming music can help surgeries be more successful). Cole
-Laptop & charger
-Cell phone & charger
-Portable DVD player & movies

-Small amount of cash
-Insurance Card
-Drivers License
-Credit Card (giving cards to my mom to hold on to for me)


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